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About Us
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Asher & Tomar Solicitors is one of the leading solicitors firm in the UK. Established in 2008 at Hillingdon, later on moved to Southall. With the growth and  needs of the clients we have now established a branch office in Cardiff.                 We pride for the comments and recommendation of our past clients and endeavour to maintain the same for future.

Our aim is to achieve the goal of our clients. We act in the best interest of our clients, that is the reason before advising the client our specialist solicitors conduct a thorough interview of the clients, gather the facts and act accordingly.

We obtain instructions from all over the United Kingdom as well as overseas, like Pakistan, Indian, China, Libya, USA, Australia, Vietnam, Romania, Portugal, France, Poland, Kenya, Russia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia etc.

We assist and advise clients in the following fields of law:

A) Immigration:

We specialize in Immigration (Asylum, same day visa, student Visas, Marriage visas, fiancee visa, Appeals to the first-tier tribunal, Upper tribunal and Judicial Reviews). 

We believe in a saying never let your previous customers/clients die, as they are the one who will build the Goodwill in the market.  

We believe in clients satisfaction, we assist and advise clients on all Immigration matters. 

We represent all sorts of Appeals such as:

i) Domestic Worker in private household
ii) UK spouse visa refused
iii) UK fiance visa 
iv) UK ancestry visa refused
v) Asylum Appeals
vi) Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) refused. 
vii) Long Stay 20 years route
viii) Tier 1 general to ILR refused
ix) Tier 2 Indefinite leave to remain refused (ILR)
x) EEA family permit refused

We represents cases on same day at the following Public Enquiry Offices such as:


1) Solihull
2) Cardiff

3) London

4) Sheffield

5) Liverpool


->TIER1 General extension)
-> Non PBS to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
-> Work Permit to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
-> Tier 4 student visa extension same day

 ->Tier 2 sports person, same day visa extension

-> Tier 2 general extension, same day visa service

-> ILR sportsperson, same day visa service

-> ILR unmarried partner, same day visa service

-> ILR domestic worker, same day visa service

-> Civil partner visa [FLR (M)], same day visa service

-> TOC endorsement application, same day visa service

-> Spouse visa extension same day- FLR (M) application

-> ILR Spouse [SET (M) application], same day visa service

-> Indefinite leave to remain (same day at public enquiry office)

-> NTL endorsement application, same day service

->Entrepreneur Visa extension



i)  Tier 4 Student Visa Refusal
ii)  Tier 1 HSMP Refusals
iii) Tier1 Post Study Work Refusal
iv) Family Visit Visa Refusal
v)  Business Visa Refusal
vi)  Domestic Servant Visa Refusal
vii) EEA Appeals
viii) Asylum Appeals
ix) Spouse Visa Appeals
x)  Legacy 
xi)  Fiancee
xii)  Long stay and Over stayers

B) Divorce and Family Law:

i) Divorce 

ii) Non-Molestation and Occupation 

iii) Cross Petition 

iv) Grounds of Divorce 

v) Child Contract Order

vi) Property Adjustment Order 

vii) Consent Order

viii) Maintenance Order 

ix) Domestic Violence

x) Unreasonable Behaviour


C) Conveyancing

i) Sale of property 

ii) Buying a property 

iii) Transfer of property 

iv) Transfer of Equity 

v) Commercial Leases

D) Road Traffic Offence 

i) Over speeding

ii) Hit and Run

iii) Drink and drive

iv) Driving without a Valid license

v) Driving without a Valid MOT

E) Employment Law

i) Compromise Agreement or Settlement Agreement 

ii) Unfair dismissal 

iii) Constructive dismissal 



Appeal: means challenging the decision of a lower    
               authority to the Tribunals/Courts. It is a process   
               for challenging a formal change to an official  
               decision, whether the decision is made by the  
               Entry Clearance Officer/Manager (outside the UK)
               or by the Secretary of State (Home Office) within the UK

The appeal rights are granted under section 82 of the Nationality, Immigration & Asylum Act 2002

Section 88 further defines the ineligibility:

So be careful before you call a Solicitor or an OISC, as stated on our website we pride for our services, however you can contact SRA to find out whether there have ever been any complaints about our services. 

Normally an OISC has to be level 3 accredited to lodge and represent your appeal in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal all over the UK, you can contact the OISC office via browsing this link:

We suggest you before choosing an Immigration Advisor you must:

a) Ask for recommendations from people you trust as well as speak  
    to the advisor. 

b) Check whether they are authorized to undertake your work.

c) Since when they have been into practice, when the practice/office  
    was established. 

d) What is their success ration with respect to the Appeals in a        
     First-Tier tribunal and Upper Tribunal.

e) Ask for the fees and what sort of services will be included.

Be aware the code of conduct of practice in the UK does not authorize the person to commit, assure or guarantee the outcome of the case, if they do so then you must realize that they are interested in your money.

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Phone numbers: 

London: 02088677737 & 02037731311
Slough: 01753202228
Reading: 01183215055 & 01183213411 

Mob: 07873329697
Cardiff:  07727255568

Swindon: 01793251112 

Fax number: 01895549688

Address: 86A The High Street, Southall UB1 3DB and Cardiff (Claire Road)

E-mail address: &

                                                SOLICITORS OPEN ON SATURDAYS