Conditions of a UK Dependency Visa

Dependents entering the UK must abide by certain conditions to gain entry clearance. The following conditions have been stipulated by UK immigration:

Evidence of relationship with the UK resident they wish to stay with
Evidence that sponsor can support them financially without recourse to any public funds
Substantial confirmation that the applicant has the consent from their sponsor to stay with them in the UK
An original copy of the sponsors work permit and other supporting documents if the candidate is applying before the sponsors travel to the UK

Who would qualify as a dependent?

In most cases a dependent is considered to be the children and partner of the main applicant. A partner is considered as one of the following:

Unmarried partner
Same gender partner
Civil partner

Children dependents would generally be considered as individuals under the age of 18 who are solely dependent on their sponsor both financially and emotionally. UK immigration may refuse UK entry to children below the age of 18 who appear to have formed an adult life.

If the dependent is the visa holder’s parent, the responsibility for applications falls to the visa holder. They must prove that their parent/s is solely dependent on them for all their financial and emotional needs or be able to prove that the parent/s would suffer without them.