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Administrative Review Against The Home Office UKVI Refusal

In most of the application, the applicant will not provide an appeal right but you can apply for administrative review or reconsideration of your immigration decision

You can only apply for an administrative review for eligible decisions.

The administrative review application will be dealt in by different official and the application has to be made online. 

If the home office official maintains the decision then you can still apply for pre-action protocol and then lodge a Judicial Review application to the Upper Tribunal. 

Why Choose Asher & Tomar Solicitors:
Our team of expert Immigration Solicitors based in London and Cardiff can advise and represent your complex immigration matter (administrative review) at every stage from, entry clearance officer, home office, immigration tribunals, upper tribunal field house, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Our expert Immigration Solicitors will endeavour to deliver the best outcome of your complex administrative review and have dealt with numerous administrative reviews.

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