To qualify for the UK Spouse/Marriage visa, both parties must be at least 18 years old, have met and be legally married.

Applicants will also need to prove that their relationship is of a genuine and continuing nature. Applicants must show that there will be adequate accommodation for the parties and any dependants and able to maintain themselves and any dependants adequately without recourse to public funds.

In addition to the above, applicant must also meet the financial requirement and the English Language Requirement.

Financial requirement can be meet either through income or cash savings or combination of both. The level of the financial requirement to be met in cases varies in cases involving dependent children and is determined by the number of children for example:-

  • Partner with no children – £18,600.
  • 1 child in addition to the partner – £22,400.
  • 2 children in addition to the partner – £24,800.
  • 3 children in addition to the partner – £27,200.

In order to calculate the cash savings, applicants can take into account any cash savings which is above £16,000. The amount of cash savings above £16,000 must be divided by 2.5 (to reflect the 2.5 year or 30-month period) to give the amount which can be used in meeting the financial requirement.

Therefore, savings available minus £16,000 divided by 2.5 = amount which can be used in meeting the financial requirement.
Visa Entitlements

Successful applicants will be granted a visa for 33 months (if applying from overseas) or 30 months (if applying within the UK).

They will have free access to public schools, and National Health Service.  Eligible dependants may also be able to work or study without any restrictions.

Once applicants have completed 5 years in the UK, as the partner of someone who is a British citizen or settled in the UK, they can apply to settle here.