Child Contact Order

A child contact order or child arrangement order can be made to give children the right to see both of their parents. At the time of separation children, the worst to be affected as one of the parents prohibit the access of the child to the other parent, therefore an application can be made to the family court to have contact and access to the child.

C 100 Form Required For Child Contact Order
If you intend to apply for the Child contact order then you need to fill in C 100 form however prior to that you need to contact the Mediation Services, it is legal requirement to consider mediation before applying to the Family Court to resolve a dispute about your children or finances. Before you intend to submit your application to the family court, you must attend Mediation.

If your partner or spouse refuses you to have contact with your child then you can apply to the Family Court and obtain an Order.

Cafcass-The children and Family Court Advisory Support Service will conduct necessary check on the applicant to find out whether the applicant is suitable to have either a direct, indirect or supervised contact with the child.

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