Conditions of EEA Family Permit (For non EU citizen in the UK)

EEA Family Permit.

EEA Family Permit entitles EEA nationals and their dependents with the right of residence and employment in the UK. The permit enables the holders to the following:

  • Take up employment
  • Accept any job offers
  • Start a business
  • Manage a UK company
  • Set up a local branch of a company

EEA nationals do not require a UK work permit for any of these employment opportunities. However in some circumstances the applicant may need to register under the Worker Registration Scheme. An EEA Family Permit application is made by the individual and not by the sponsor, same as is the case with the UK Work Permit. No employment offer is required with a Family Permit application. If the applicant can support themselves and any dependents while staying in the UK, this is a fairly straightforward route for living and working in the UK.

Conditions of the Permit

The conditions to be met by EEA nationals for this permit are:

  • EEA Family Permit is granted for a period of 5 years where the holder is entitled to unrestricted employment opportunities. The EEA nationals will need to spend 4 years and 11 months in the UK on this permit. After the 5 years stay in UK, permit holders are eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • If the EEA/EU citizen does not have a residence permit, they are issued with a 6 month Family Permit in which they are permitted unrestricted employment in the UK for the 6 month duration. The EEA/EU citizen is expected to apply for a residence permit in these 6 months and their dependents should at the same time apply for the EEA Family Permit.