Dependants and Spouse Immigration are to those applicants who wish to enter the UK as a depdent of a settled person or as a spouse of a settled person.

Dependants and Spouse can further apply for leave to remain whilst they are in the UK.

Citizens of EEA countries have the right to live and work in the UK under European law. Any family members or spouse of the candidate can also enjoy the rights to live and work in the UK with the EEA national even if they do not belong to an EEA nation themselves. Any citizen of an EEA country wishing to take up residency in the UK is also permitted to bring their dependant family. If the candidate is the national of an old EEA country, then they can enter the UK with minimum documentation. The candidate is not required to apply for entry clearance but may be asked to provide some evidence such as their passport or national identity card for verification.

Dependants of the EEA candidate are classified as follows:

Spouse or civil partner of the candidate
Children or grandchildren of candidate or their spouse or civil partner, under the age of 21
Parents or grandparents of the candidate or their spouse or civil partner
Distant relatives of an EEA national may also come under the definition of a family member, if they can prove that they are financially dependant on the candidate. In case candidate is a student, only his or her spouse or civil partner or any dependant children will be entitled to a right of residence.

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