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Emergency Protection Order

Emergency Protection Order can be obtained if it is evident that the child is in danger.

Local authority can apply for the Emergency Protection order.

Who May Apply and on what grounds?

  1. (a) “Any person” may apply for an emergency protection order under s.44 (1) (a). It may be granted by the court if the court is satisfied that there is reasonable cause to believe that the child is likely to suffer significant harm if either:
  • (i) He is not removed to accommodation provided by or on behalf of the applicant; or
  • (ii) He does not remain in the place where he is then being accommodated.
  1. (b) A local authority may apply on the ground set out in (a) above or it may, instead, rely on the ground sent out in s.44 (1)(b), that is to say:

Effects of an Emergency Order.

Effects of an emergency protection order are as follows:
(1) The court can direct any person who is in a position to do so to comply with any request to produce the child to the applicant.

  •  Duration of Emergency Protection Order

An emergency protection order may have effect in first instance for a maximum of eight days.

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