The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is part of the new point based system and enables entrepreneurs wishing to invest, start a new business or have a controlling share in an already existing business to do so in the UK. It is designed to attract potential investors from outside the European Union who can contribute to the UK economy. Applicants of this visa do not need a job offer from a sponsor but should be actively involved in the running of the business outlined in their application and should have at least £200,000 that is disposable in the UK.

English Language Proficiency

English language proficiency plays a major role in this visa. Without this ability, the candidate’s application is unlikely to be successful. The language requirement is worth ten points and the applicant will need to provide one of the following as proof of their English Language skills: That they have studied and completed a degree course that was taught in English. .

They are a national of a country in which English is the main language. Successfully completed an English language test at level C1 as outlined by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for language learning.

Correct documentation must be submitted with all applications. This visa will enable the applicant to live and work in the UK without the necessity of a Work Permit. Successful visas can be extended based upon the performance of the business.

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