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We provide the following Immigration (Visa) Services:

a) Immigration Appeals

1) Spouse Visa Appeals
2) Family Visit Visa Appeals
3) Fiance Visa refusal Appeals
4) UK visa refusal Apppeals
5) Tier 1 general visa refusal appeals (Immigration Appeal)
6) Human Rights Appeal
7) Tier 2 visa refused- (Tier 2 visa-Immigration Appeal)
8) Indefinite Leave to Remain refused- ILR (Immigration Appeal)
9) Tier 4 student visa refused- Tier 4 (“Immigration Appeal”)
10) EEA 2 visa refusal Appeal (Immigration Appeal)
11) UK Ancestry Visa refusal Appeals

In addition to the above we represent clients who are in the detention centers:

a) Bail to the Chief Immigration Officer
b) Bail to the Immigration Judge-at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

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