An out of Country Appeals Rights to the First-Tier Immigration and Asylum Tribunal after leaving the United Kingdom

The Secretary of State (Home Office/UKVI) has certification powers, therefore, the Secretary of State for Home Department (SSHD) can certify your claim as clearly unfounded with out-of-country appeal right.

You cannot appeal the decision of the Secretary of state if your claim has been certified under section 94 of the Nationality, Immigration and asylum act 2002.

An appellant has 28 days to lodge an out-of-country appeal, if you intend to challenge the decision of the Secretary of state for the fact that you should be granted an in-country right of appeal then you can only do that by way of Judicial Review (JR).

You can lodge a paper appeal and the Immigration and Asylum tribunal fee for the paper appeal is £80.00 and for the oral appeal is £140.00

Once the appeal will be lodged then it will be referred to the Litigation team of the UKVI/Home Office to review it, if the UKVI/Home Office litigation solicitors will find a material error of law then the decision will be overturned without the appeal being heard, if not then it will be determined by the Learned Immigration Judge on the basis of evidence attached to the Index to Bundle.

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