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Preaction Protocol for Judicial Review Against the Home Office

Pre-action Protocol for Judicial Review against the Home Office Decision or Entry Clearance Officer

If your visa is refused by the case worker acting on behalf of the Home Office (UKVI/Secretary of State) or from an Entry Clearance officer without a appeal right of appeal then you can challenge the decision by way of Judicial Review, however to avoid unnecessary litigation and to resolve the matter amicably you can should sent a letter to the defendant i.e. the Home Office (UKVI/Secretary of State-Litigation Team). The aim of this letter is to raise the issues with the home office UKBA so that the unnecessary litigation can be avoided.

Pre action protocol letter should refer to the facts and highlight the omission and lacunae/error made by the home office in the refusal letter, a copy of the refusal letter should be attached with the pre action protocol letter. A pre action letter should specify the date of the refusal letter as well as the expected date to receive a response against the Pre Action Protocol, generally a defendant should respond to the Pre action Protocol within 14 days after that you can initiate Judicial Review Claim proceedings at the Upper Tribunal Field House.

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Pre action Protocol is a base of a Judicial Review claims therefore you should choose and contact the right solicitors who are expert in drafting Pre Action Protocol.


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