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Solicitors in Southall


As you may be aware that their are lots of Solicitors in Southall, we are amongst one of them.

Established our office in Hillingdon in 2008, and later on moved to Southall, due to the increase of demand of our clients.

Being lots of Solicitors in Southall and and the market is quite competitive, we expertise the following fields of law:

a) Immigration:

i) Same day Visa service; Same day visa service means that we can book an
appointment for yourselves at the Public Enquiry Offices all over the United
Kingdom, as we are registered with the Solihull PEO, Cardiff PEO and Croydon
PEO. Our Solicitor will accompany you on the date of for appointment and you will get the approval letter
on the day itself.

ii) Immigration Appeal Solicitors in Southall and Immigration Appeal Solicitors in Cardiff

We are a firm of Solicitors and our head office is based in Southall, however our branch office is in Cardiff.

Our Solicitors in Southall have an experience of over 8 Years in Immigration, Employment, Housing (Landlord and Tenant Disputes), Property Leases, Family Law (Divorce).

So for professional and sympathetic advise kindly feel free to contact our Expert Solicitors in London and Solicitors in Cardiff:

ASHER & TOMAR SOLICITORS Spouse/Immigration/Divorce/Settlement Agreement/Child Contact Order-

Address : 86 High St, Southall UB1 3DB, UK
Call Now : 02088677737
Mob: 07877257326, 07727255568 & 07873329697 , +44 20 8867 7737

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