UK Shortage Occupations List (Tier 2 Visa)

The UK Shortage Occupation List is applicable under the Tier 2 of the Point Based System, which is a substitute of the UK Work Permit Scheme. If an employer wishes to fill an employments position that is mentioned in the Shortage Occupation List, they can offer the position directly to a foreign national without advertising the vacancy in the UK first. The following employment categories are listed on the UK Shortage Occupations List:

Engineering Occupations – Ground engineering and transport, electricity generation engineering, highways engineering and other engineering

Healthcare occupations – Doctors, dentists, nurses, consultants’ posts in some specialist areas and general healthcare occupations.

Other occupations – Veterinary surgeons and teachers.

The Residence Labour Market Test makes it necessary to advertise a position in the EU/UK. If no suitable candidate is found, only then is a job offer made to a foreign worker. This process usually takes of 2-6 weeks; however, if the occupation is on the Shortage Occupation List, the process is shortened significantly.

Revision Made in the List

From time to time revisions are made to the list. On 21 October 2009, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) issued a revised Shortage Occupation List. The changes recommended by MAC are as follows:

Revised list of engineering and healthcare professionals.
Skilled meat boners, trimmers and special needs teachers were added in the list.
Hovercraft and ship officers were removed from the list.
The UK Government acknowledges there is a shortage of workers in some occupations in the resident labour market. Therefore, the government is now encouraging foreign nationals to come to the UK under this category and making application easier.

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