Every year millions of tourists visit the UK and some of them find it hard how to apply for the UK Tourist and Short Stay Visas.

Here we will explain the visas categories you can apply for:

a) UK Visitor or Tourist visa

b) UK Transit Visa

c) Short Term Student Visa

d) Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

e) Parent of a Tier 4 child visa

UK Transit Visa and UK Visitor or Tourist Visa

If you wish to visit the UK for a short duration due to your connecting flight then you can apply for a transit visa, otherwise to visa your family or friend you must apply for a visitor visa and it will be granted for 6 months.

Short Term Student Visa

A short visa student visa is for the student who wants to study or conduct research in one of the following categories:

a) Enrolled in any overseas degree course and your course is equivalent to a UK degree.

b) An approved educational institution

C) The Recognised UK body must hold its own national accreditation

Any child under the age of 18 years travelling to the UK other than his/her parents then must provide written consent (an affidavit) from your legal guardians

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