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UK Visitor Visa

A Visitor Visa entitles the person to visit the United Kingdom for six months.

It is granted for the purpose to visit family and friends in the UK or for a tourism purposes.

It cannot be switched over within the country, but in exceptional circumstances you can.

Being a visitor you cannot able to work or study unless it is allowed by the permitted by the as stated under the Immigration Rules. To be granted visitor visa you must satisfy and meet the Immigration Rules for the visitor visa.

There are various types of visitor visas:

a) Family Visitor Visa
b) Child Visitor Visa
c) StudentVisitor Visa
d) Sportsperson Visitor Visa
e) Business Visitor Visa
f) Visitor in Transit 
g) Visitor for PLAB Test 
h) Entertainer Visitor Visa
i) Visitor for Private Medical Treatment 

If the Entry Clearance officer has refused your any of the above stated visitor visa then you cannot be granted the right of appeal but you can apply for Pre Action Protocol and then to Judicial Review if the ECO (Entry Clearance Office) fails to overturn the decision of your visitor Visa.

Why Choose Asher & Tomar Solicitors:

Our team of expert Immigration Solicitors based in London and Cardiff can advise and represent your complex immigration matter (visitor visa) at every stage from home office, immigration tribunals, upper tribunal field house, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Our expert Immigration Solicitors will endeavour to deliver the best outcome of your complex immigration matter, and have dealt with numerous refusals within the United Kingdom.

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