If you are looking to apply for a Visa Spouse UK then do not worry and contact us immediately. Our immigration solicitors have in-depth knowledge with the recent changes in the Immigration Rules.

If you are not a British or EEA National and you are married to someone who is a British Citizen or settled in the UK you will need a spouse visa if you want to join or remain in the UK with them.

The spouse visa is one of the most common visa applications dealt with by our Immigration expert solicitors team. You can apply for a Spouse/Civil Partner visa from both inside and outside the UK depending on your immigration status in the UK.

Basic requirement to apply for spouse visa:

  1. a) £18600.00 (employed or self-employed)
  2. b) English language requirement
  3. c) Legally married
  4. d) TB test
  5. e) Genuine marriage
  6. f) Must be over 18 years of age.

Asher and Tomar Solicitors recognize that making an application can be an anxious time and are committed to advising you of the best option available to you.

So for professional and sympathetic advise kindly feel free to contact our Expert Immgration solicitors in London and Immigration solicitors in Cardiff.

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